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formally five four two and the blue

A Podcst on law enforcement history, issues and incidents in the Appalachian Mountains and beyond

Crime Scene Investigator
Podcast News!

Thank you for your patience. Scott's, fight with the Covid Virus seems to have passed. Thank you to all who sent emails and good wishes.  Scott is back researching new  (old) true crime stories and with Victori's help producing them into the Podcasts Stories,  listened to around the world.  

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Latest Episode 

Felon File  # 6-19.   The 1999 abduction of a 10-year-old and two decades for justice.

Ten-year-old Pamela Butler was rollerblading in front of her Kansas City, Kansas home in 1999. A strange man drove up to the home and abducted her. Neighbors gave case, her older sister who saw it happen also chased down the street after the man who had taken her little sister.  Getting away the suspect later assaulted her before strangling her to death with a wire.  Leaving her body to be found later.  21 years later was justice served?

Listen and you decide.

Episode 6-7. The 1927 North Carolina Miller manhunt 

The Story of the Broadus Miller manhunt in 1927. Newspapers Nationwide that year wrote about the 13-day murder and manhunt incident.   It was called “The Largest Manhunt in Western North Carolina History”. How did it end?  Is there more to the story than what the papers said?  Listen and decide.

On line 7-31-2021 @ 7 PM EST USA.

e Felon File Podcast. 6-4 The North Carolina Taco Bell Strangler of the 1990s

EHenry Louis Wallace, labeled the "The Taco Bell Strangler", by the press. An American serial killer who targeted women in  Charlotte, North Carolina. How was he caught and where is he today? Listen to discover. 

pisode 6-1. Season Six  The 1926 trial of Deputy Sheriff Two-Gun Ben Fowler

In our first story of season, Six of Felon File.  Scott discusses The 1926 trial of Deputy Sheriff Two-Gun Ben Fowler Was he guilty? Or as he claimed framed by his enemies.  Listen and decide for yourself. FelonFile.com  On line 6-19-2021.

Episode 5-19. Executed twice. Was it Double Jeopardy?

1944 murder of a Louisiana druggist in his own backyard.  Lost evidence and unchallenged confessions. There was a trial of one 15-year-old defendant. He was found guilty and executed.  Twice.

On line 5-29-2021 at 7:00 PM EST


Episode 5-18.  The thirty-year murder case.

 A 1900 argument over one man’s wife ends in the death of one of two Mountain cousins.   The shooter disappears only to reappear at the sheriff's office turning himself in and demanding a trial 30 years later.  Why then? No one was looking for him. The crime had mostly been forgotten.   Listen and find out the reasons.

On line 5-22-2021 @ 7:00 PM EST


Episode 5-17, That Special Place in Hell.  

Scott discusses three shade of blue stories where the victims are some of our most vulnerable in our society. Three current stories of how the perpetrators were stopped. What they face after being caught and tried. 

One suspect receiving the ultimate penalty and his case being heard in a very high court. 

Online on 5-15-2021 at 7:00 PM EST.on most Podcast Platforms. 

Episode 5-14 Who killed the Hermit of spring creek and Why? 

On-Line 5-8-2021 @ 7:00 PM EST

Today's discussion and shade of blue story is a homicide from 1939 Madison County, North Carolina. 

Who murdered the mountain hermit? How did they get caught?

Why were the offenders tried in court twice?

Listen and find out.


Episode 5-13 The wicked stepmother. Truth or Fiction.

Scheduled for 04/17/21 at 7:00 PM EST

The stories of the wicked stepmother aren't always fairy tales. A shade of blue story going beyond the Appalachian mountains. Beyond and down. Down under to Australia if we were to be more specific. Our discussion takes us from Wagga Wagga, Australia, to Hickory North Carolina USA. The story of a freckle-faced little girl, Zahra Baker.


Episode 5-12.  Cops in Court. Carjacker lectures.  Egg thief Deputy of Buncombe County & Covid crooks

In this episode, Cops in Court.  A carjacker lectures a mother on child safety.  The 1800's egg thief Deputy of Buncombe County and modern-day Covid crooks.   

Episode 5-11. A missing mother, murder, pizza, and Sheriff Ponder.

A shade of blue story that takes us from, 1975 south Vietnam. Then to Guam, a refugee camp in Pennsylvania. To Greenville South Carolina then Asheville North Carolina. The Main Street of Marshall in the Mountains of Western North Carolina.  The Federal Court and a final ending in the Columbia South Carolina prison death chamber.  Was justice secured for all involved? listen and you decide.

Episode 5-10. Who shot the Sheriff? You will be surprised.

The 1932 killing of a North Carolina Sheriff.  Shot with his own gun.  The investigation and arrest of a suspect.  The physical evidence, statements, and science just did not work out to prove the suspect did the homicide.    The investigation and court case reverberated across the state all the way to the Governor's Office. Was Justice found or was it denied?  Listen and decide for yourself.

Episode 5-9. Murder of the Widow in 1951

 Lexington North Carolina.  Assault and Murder of a widow in her own home.   The Investigation, Arrest,  and Court case.   A review of the findings of the North Carolina Supreme Court.  Was evidence circumstantial?  Was there more to this case? What happened to the defendant?    Listen to discover what happened, listen and come to your own conclusion. 

Episode 5-8,  Confidence Artists of today and yesterday.

 A phone scam message left on the Host's voice mail sends Scott on another research expedition looking for information to pass along to his listeners.  He also uncovers another shade of Blue Story that is discussed.    One of the infamous con men of yesterday and how he made his money.   Everyone wants a shortcut but let's not forget what ― J.R.R. Tolkien, in  The Fellowship of the Ring    said,  “Short cuts make long delays.” 

Episode 5-7. The Morris Murders of 1879

An unsolved murder investigation of Husband and wife, Charles Henry Morris and Esther Jones Morris of Decatur, Michigan. They Were murdered in the middle of the night by an unknown person or persons.  What was the motive? Who is the killer?    These questions have never been answered

Episode 5-6,  The Trial of Thomas W Strange.

A killing in 1875.   The son of the Sheriff of Haywood county is shot after a disagreement with Thomas Strange a visitor from Wilmington North Carolina. Who with friends was on a sightseeing and fishing tour of the mountains.  Was the killing self-defense or Murder?  Listen and decide.

Episode 5-5  Were they hung because of the cat?

  Or did they just pick the wrong place and the wrong victim? A daring robbery that went wrong in the  North Carolina  Mountains.  120 years ago.


Episode 5-3,  Human Trafficking, Juvenile killers, Juvenile Victims, and a Million dollar Larceny  

This  Felon File discussion is a look at a collection of stories on Human trafficking. Murdering juveniles, and murdered juveniles.  A Car Jacking and Larceny of close to a million dollars. 

Episode 5-1 The Wigwam Murder

Today's discussion.  A murder from the 1940s outside a World War Two military base in England.   The Wigwam Murder. Part one.  Part two is a discussion with Dirk Deklein from Ireland writer of the Blog History of Sorts. felonfile.com

Episode 4-21 The Murder of 17-year-old Muriel Baldridge in 1947.

 Found beaten to death under a bridge the morning of June 28,  in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. This story is the most listened-to story on Scott’s Podcast. The Murder after decades of investigation by local, state, and federal investigators follows a strange path of confessions, retracted confessions, and finally a sensational trial with a controversial verdict. To this day the case remains unsolved. Thought of as one very confusing investigation and legal case in Eastern Kentucky if not the Southern United States.  The Podcast starts with a ballad telling the story of the tragic event from the Appalachian Mountains. The Ballad was written in 1949, the recording made in 1977.

Episode 4-20 Killer Robots, Court House Killings and Work Violence

Robot killers, violence on the job, and courthouse shootings.  If you're killed by a robot is that Murder? 

Acts of violence and other injuries are currently the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the top cause of death for women in the workplace.  Also a Courthouse shooting in 1994.  Causing the death of A  Yancey County N.C. Criminal Court magistrate and two police officers bringing wounded.

Episode 4-20, Punishment for a 12-year-old Killer.

 The killer was a Cops Kid.   Infamous for his punishment.   What did the Judge do?  Did the kid need a second chance?  What did the District Attorney say?  Was the conviction the end of the story?   What do you think?  Listen and decide.

Episode 4-19 The concept of sanity.  How crazy is too crazy?  

Just like anything in life you can have too much.   Or too little.  Is too much sanity possible? Not enough insanity can also be an issue. Noncompos Mentis.  meaning "not of a sound mind".

How do we tell if someone is not mentally sound to stand trial? Should we hold everyone to the same standard of Right vs. Wrong.? When is too much insanity, how much is too much? Regardless of the precise legal standard, the insanity defense is rarely raised and even more rarely successful. A fine topic for your host, whose own sanity has been called into question. Scottlunsfordauthor.com felonfiles.com

Episode 4-18 Confidence Artists of today and yesterday

A phone scam message left on the Host's voice mail sends Scott on another research expedition looking for information to pass along to his listeners. He also uncovers another shade of Blue Story that is discussed.

One of the infamous con men of yesterday and how he made his money. Everyone wants a shortcut but let's not forget what ― J.R.R. Tolkien, in The Fellowship of the Ring said,  “Short cuts make long delays.”

Episode s-4-17 Abuse, Neglect, and Homicide of our Children

The death of any child is a terrible thing, Dwight Eisenhower said.   “There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child.  Things never get back to the way they were.” —Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Today's Episode and shade of blue story cover child neglect issues and cases. A sad topic but one that can impact an entire community and can not be ignored.

Episode S-4-16 The Worlds Best Con Man?

Scott discusses another famous conman from the 1920s and thirty's. There is a fascination with the exploits of the criminal confidence man as well as the apparent gullibility of the victim.  Yet. Lest we forget. We shouldn’t judge others when we might have fallen victim our self's. If we found our-self in the same situation.  What do you think? Listen, yourself, and decide.

Episode s4-15 Big Bertha the Confidence Woman

Another Shade of Blue Story on con women. A comparison of some modern methods of swindling money vs. Someone who was described as "one of the smartest confidence women in America", and considered by the New York City police to be "the boldest and most expert of the many female adventuresses who infest the country." She managed to swindle many men out of thousands of dollars. Even doing so while locked behind bars.

Episode 4- 14 Crimes and Cons of the 1918 pandemic

Would people take advantage of others who are sick? Do people prey on others during times of national crisis? One young lady became quite infamous for her activities doing so. 100 years ago, before our current coronavirus crisis, the 1918 flu was killing people worldwide. Perhaps more than 675,000 people in the United States and 50 million around the world. Like today, in that crisis nurses were on the front line caring for the sick. Most hospitals were packed and the United States needed nurses.  Miss Julia Lyons saw this need and stepped up. But her intentions were not well-meaning, to say the least. She portrayed herself as a busy visiting home health nurse in Chicago during the pandemic of 1918. It “goes without saying when you look closely at Miss “Slick Julia,” as she came to be known, she was not Florence Nightingale.  Could this happen today? What do you think? Listen and decide.

Episode S-4-13 The Preacher did it. Or did he?

A shade of blue story that asks. Did the preacher kill his wife? Or was it suicide? Did the forensics of the day in the 1800s say it could not have been suicide and she died at the hands of an angry husband? What did the court think? What did the juries think? What do you think?

Episode S-4-12- Methodist Camp Meeting Killing of 1889

Typical camp meetings were held in an area where people would travel from a large region to a campsite for the "camp meeting".They would listen to itinerant preachers, pray, sing hymns, fellowship, and a bit of a vacation from the hard work of the farms.  As much a community event as a religious one. A regular event in the Leicester community outside of Asheville NC every year in 1889 a disagreement and scuffle lead to the death of one man. Self-defense? Murder? Or an accident? What did the court and the press say? Listen to episodes to find out.

Episode 4-11 He did the time / but did he do the crime?

Robert Duboise. Almost four decades in jail. At first given the death penalty for rape and murder. He said he didn't do it.  He did the time but did he really do the crime? Listen and discover the facts.

Episode 4-4 Victoria's L.I.C. (Low Intelligence Criminal News)

More commonly referred to as dumb crook news, Victoria has selected some of her favorite for today's Shade Of Blue Stories.    "Truth is stranger than fiction but it is because fiction is obligated to stick to possibilities.   The truth isn’t."  Mark Twain.     Never say, that's the dumbest thing I ever heard of or seen.   Simply enjoy the bus ride cause there are more strange things and stories, right around the corner and you ain’t seen or heard anything yet.

Episode 4-3 -  1975 Child abduction/Cold case 

A Child abduction/Murder cold case investigation from 1975. The Murder of two children who disappeared during a trip to a shopping mall.  Justice for the two little girls taking 42 years to arrive.

Why was the investigation open for over 40 years? Listen and decide for yourself. 

Episode -4-2.   N.C. Officer killed in his living room.  Season four Episode two.

K-9 officer Witherspoon with the Concord North Carolina Police Department Is killed on his couch in his home.  Murder?  Had a suicide gone wrong?  Accident or killed for money?  Why and how did wife, mother, and church employee, Misty Witherspoon, do it?  Listen for yourself and decide.

Episode 4-1    The Hunt for Rudolph 

 Between 1996 to 1998, bombs exploded or were located in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Asheville.  The Blasts killing two and injuring hundreds.  This started a five-year manhunt for  Eric Robert Rudolph.

On May 31, 2003,  FBI Top Ten Fugitive Eric Robert Rudolph was arrested by North Carolina police officer J.S. Postell. While on patrol he located Rudolph dumpster diving behind a grocery store in Murphy, North Carolina.  Rudolph had managed to elude the F.B.I. for five years while hiding out in the mountains after the bombings.  Rudolph began his attacks in July 1996, when he planted a backpack bomb in a crowded Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Episode -3-25- Sometimes a man just needs to be shot ( and sometimes the Court Agrees.) 

A Civil War atrocity.  A Year after the war,  revenge is found on the small-town Southern College Campus of Mars Hill NC.  The killer is caught and tried. What did the court rule on the criminal murder charge?  Right or Wrong?  Did it even occur? Listen to PodCast 3-25 and hear for yourself and decide. 

Episode 3-24. Murder with a stick? or Honor killing?

The story of one man’s honor when his wife is attacked.  What is it?  Revenge?  Honor Killing?

Or just murder with a big stick?  Listen and you decide.

Episode 3-23 A tale of a truly evil man.

Carl Panzram 1920and 30’s  American serial killer, rapist, arsonist, robber, and burglar. In prison, he confessions and writes his autobiography. Claiming to have killed at least 22, and committing over 1000 acts of sex offenses.  Panzran operated coast to coast in the United States and even Africa. At one point stealing a pistol from President Taft that he used in his murdering ways. Was he a serial killer?         Or truly Evil in person. 


   The Show

& the Shades of Blue Stories


Podcast discussions of law enforcement history, issues, and incidents in the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. Hosted by Scott Lunsford, retired police detective sergeant, author, and researcher.

Scott has worked as a patrol forensic tech, patrol officer, and West District patrol supervisor.  He is a North Carolina  Law Enforcement Instructor and Teacher.   Certified as an N.C.  K-12 Substitute Teacher and a School Resource Officer 

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